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There are a number of reasons for redesigning your website, some more convincing than others. However, revamping your website is probably one of the last things that you think about in your business. But it is important to understand and acknowledge the role that your website plays in your customer acquisition efforts and the overall impact they have on your revenue. For marketing to be effective every point of contact with a potential customer must be in line and this holds true for digital marketing as well. This includes your website, which is one of your most important selling points.

And this is why you should consider the following reasons for redesigning your website:

What is website revamping?

Website revamping is the process of redesigning and redeveloping a website to enhance it looks and feel to meet the requirement of modern web design.

When to revamp a Website?

If you are embarrassed to tell your customers and friends about your website because you are worried about what your potential customers might think of your old, dirty looking website, it may be time to think about redesigning the website. Some of the business owners at networking events just do not want anyone visiting their website because they feel embarrassed. They know that they need a redesign and they plan to achieve it, they have not done it yet. A bad website can do a lot more harm to your business than you can imagine and definitely makes your potential clients have the wrong perception of your business.

If your website is not mobile-friendly and a large proportion of your visitors are from a mobile device, you may lose visitors and experience a higher bounce rate than usual. This will undoubtedly have a direct impact on your bottom line because it will cost you valuable leads. An effective website redesign will fix this issue and help you to reduce your bounce rate and increase the number of conversions.

If the list of services you provide has grown and your current website does not contain the full range of services you offer, customers may search for a service you have specified elsewhere because they did not even know you have the service available. By redesigning your website, you can expand your list of services to include all the services you offer so that every visitor and customer is up to date with your business.

Website revamp process:

To be taken seriously and viewed as a professional, credible business, it is critical that your website reflects a strong brand image that accurately represents your business and reflects the essence of your brand. A stronger brand image has the ability to persuade small businesses and entrepreneurs to let them separate from their larger competitors, thus paving the way for your business’s success. Follow the web design process as:

1 ) Review Your Current Site

2 ) Document What you love and What you hate

3 ) Analyze your competitor’s website

4 ) Document the new functionality you want in your website

5 ) Document website redesign goals

6 ) Request for proposal website redesign

Revamp website checklist

As design trends change every few years, a website that is two or three years old may not look that great as compared to a competitor who has a website that is up to date with the latest design trends and quality content. The latest design trends going on right now require a flat design with simple two-dimensional patterns and a clean, modern look suitable for both mobile interfaces and desktops. It requires a simple, minimalist approach to design what is accepted by many companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, and so on. With the mobile use of speed to handle desktop usage, complex designs with large images make it difficult for visitors to browse your website. Flat designs make it much easier and make your users and readers want to stay on for longer. Once you are done with finalizing a web design company in Canada to revamp your website follow the checklist.

Layout – Ask for proposed wireframe from the website company your choice to work with. Review wire-frames of your new layout with your team and make necessary revisions.

Mockups – Take these approved wire-frames and ask a web design company to develop site mock-ups based on the chosen design.

Colors – Create a color pallet that matches your branding and products and recommend it to your web design company also ask for their suggestions.

Visuals – Have considered what type of imagery the site will be using? Select images to be used on your website from websites such as shutterstock or hire a photographer to do photography for your website.

Content – Many web design companies write content for websites as well while other subscribe for affordable content writing packages Ask them to write a content for website pages and review the new content with your team you can hire best articles writing service at affordable cost.

Check Responsive – Responsive design makes it easy to customize a website for use on a mobile device. If you find that a large portion of your site visitors come from a mobile device while reviewing your analytics, it’s time for a responsive and optimized design. Your website visitors can use a variety of mobile devices such as an iPad, iPhone, tablet, Samsung Note, and so on. A responsive design allows visitors to easily navigate your site through all of these unique devices, providing a great user experience. In addition, Google will now tell the searcher whether or not your site is eligible for mobile devices through the new Mobile Device Test.

Website revamp cost

Just like the cost of new website design and development the cost of a website redesign can vary tremendously from as $1,000 to $100,000 for the custom-built website. We had done a detailed article on web design Toronto prices please do read to learn about website revamp cost in detail.

Website revamp announcement

There are several reasons you should focus on redesigning your website. And when you finally make the decision, you’ll easily be able to see the difference and growth in your business. The only thing you have to be careful about is that you get your website redesigned through a professional because it’s definitely not something you can trust just anyone with. Once you are done with a new website live announced about your revamped website through a press release to get an SEO boost.

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