Want to learn more about our website design prices in Toronto? Read about how many websites development project cost, from fixed to hourly rates in Canada. We develop websites in great pricing ranging from $5,99 – $10,000 for service you can request our web design proposal.

Part 1 – We share lessons from our own trials & experiences in website development Canada, which help you effectively utilize your (project budget) on web design and management.

Part 2 – What to watch out when hiring a website development company in Toronto – especially if you are hiring a web development agency for the first time. Our website developers will do a podcast and video on cost breakdown.

Simply put, The cost of your website will depend on whether you are hiring an individual to do website design and development or going with a professional website development agency in Canada (Recommended). Going with the individual, you can spend anywhere from $5,99 – $2,000 for website development.

On the other hand, If you are hiring a professional web design company, custom built website and website marketing can cost anywhere from $1,000 per month – $10,000+ per month.

Not to forget, hiring a website development company work like hiring a professional and experienced team for your project. If entire web development team work on your projects such as project managers, web designers, front end coders, back end developers, SEOs and website testers the result can be a good ROI.

Determining exactly how much a website design, development and management cost in Toronto is one of the most frequently asked questions from any web design agency in Canada.

If you’re just starting your business out or are moving to focus more on the digital world, making your brand’s website is exactly where you start.

But like most things, it doesn’t come free. Especially if you want it to look good or represent your brand professionally, then you will have to, absolutely, spend a lot of your hard earned coin on it.

Questions about website design cost are common online, but very few web development companies in Canada are prepared to answer the question about website cost professionally.

I think that everyone agrees that spending a good amount of marketing budget on website development and management is definitely worth it, therefore, some companies that also subscribe with outsourcing graphics design service as monthly retainers. There’s nothing a website can’t hold, any information about your brand, products or services, or anything else that your brand represents.

Websites are incredibly customization; it all depends on how much money you’re ready to spend on it. Well, that being said, I don’t totally mean that you can’t get a good website without spending thousands of dollars, but yes, most of the time, you’ll probably have to no matter what also make sure to spend your dollars in articles writing services for website promotion.

And if you’re specifically wondering about the web development cost in Canada, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking to hire for website development company the best you can do is to indicate your needs to get instant quote.


Web design and website development charges and estimates ( From our Previous Projects )

Informational or Small Business Website

  • 8 – 16 web pages
  • Custom graphics
  • Stock photos
  • Little or no multimedia design
  • Web forms sending to email accounts
  • Project duration: 7 to 75 days

Price: $5,99 – $6,000

Corporate Website

  • 25 – 75 Web pages
  • Heavy use of multimedia
  • High quality design work
  • Content management system
  • Extra components: Intranet, calendars, website search
  • Project duration: 60 to 90 days

Price: $10,000 – $25,000

Ecommerce Website

  • 100 – 1000 products
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Product descriptions and images
  • Sales tax and shipping calculation
  • Customer and administrative control panel
  • Project duration: 60 to 120 days

Price: $5,000 – $150,000

Database Driven Website or Web Application

  • Dynamic Web pages 20 – 2,000
  • Administrative control panel
  • Advanced programming skill sets
  • Interactivity with website visitor
  • Enterprise database (MS SQL Server or MySQL)
  • Project duration: 90 to 180 days

Price: $6,000 – $135,000

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